Industrial fasteners. Mechanical fasteners. OEMs. Technical fasteners. If you need to attach something, (EO)2® is ready for the challenge. (EO)2® is a rigid fastening system with quick on/off attachment and release. Easily snap your pieces, parts and equipment securely on and back off again.

Technically speaking…

(EO)2® is an extremely rigid industrial fastener that:

    • has quick on/off attachment and release for operational flexibility and efficiency
    • is totally scalable, from inches to several feet, with holding forces from tens of pounds to several thousand pounds
    • can be made of different materials to suit your needs, including aluminum, magnesium, plastics, steels, alloys, etc
    • can be manufactured with different forming technologies, including extrusion, intersecting molding, Thixomolding, casting, machining, etc.

The two mating pieces literally “snap” together; remain very secure with its design holding force in the set position; and can only be taken apart with a very specific motion with forces that are relatively low, as compared to the designed holding force. The (EO)2® fastener design has a capability to revolutionize several rigid industrial fastening solutions with its “snap” action engagement and release; saving time and cost. The design flexibility allows potential to reach a breadth of applications for which it could become an integrally designed structural feature. This “snap” fastening concept consists of two pieces of specially shaped parallel material, that when mated, produce an exceptionally strong and rigid bond because of the length of the mating surfaces, a polymer bead, and the shape of the joints. When “snapped” together the two pieces are held rigid (non-flexing) with no discernible movement between components. Release can only be accomplished when a very directional mechanical force is applied-which cannot occur naturally.

One (EO)2®, Endless Possibilities

Wonder what (EO)2® stands for? It’s Easy On, Easy Off fastener and mounting system with quick attachment and release. There are no time consuming straps or U-bolds, no moving parts, no mechanical toggle clamps, and no latches. You simply “snap” together two rigid mounting components for a quick, efficient, solid hold. This totally scalable fastening technology will maintain designed holding forces, which could range from tens of pounds to several thousand pounds in its set or lock position. The (EO)2® mating components can be uncoupled with a very specific motion, with a release force very low relative to the designed holding force. This totally scalable system can be designed to range in size from a couple of inches to several feet; not just in length, but also in other dimensions, which can be customized for your specific application.
(EO)2® is currently being used in the following applications, but the possibilities are endless. Wherever you need quick attachment and release of your equipment or gear, (EO)2® can handle the job. What will you (EO)2®?

    • SnapTop™ Carrier System vehicle cargo management-quick attachment and release of mounted crushproof/waterproof cases and heavy duty duffels.
    • SnapPak™ Technical Pack-quick attachment and release of cases and gear directly to your (EO)2® technical pack frame.
    • Overland gear and equipment-quick attachment and release of Overland gear directly to your (EO)2® technical pack frame.
    • Tactical and first responder-quick attachment and release of life-saving equipment and gear to vehicles, carts and storage locations.
    • Technical and Industrial-quick attachment and release of equipment, parts, cases and components for industrial fastening and technical applications.

The SnapTop™ system is ideal for use in applications where speed is critical, such as firefighting, search & rescue, medical, first responder, law enforcement, military, photography or other fields where the use of waterproof/crushproof cases by Pelican SKB, BWI or others is standard. It combines speed, reliability and security with ease of access in mission critical situations.
For road warriors and trail blazers, it’s a fast, reliable and rugged alternative for extending your vehicle’s luggage and cargo carrying capacity. The (EO)2® system doesn’t stop at your vehicle: the (EO)2® Mounting Rails can be attached to horizontal and vertical surfaces (even upside-down) at your base of operations or garage for quick and easy organized storage.
One (EO)2® Possibilities-what will you (EO)2®?
(EO)2® is a patented technology by RayoMar Enterprises, Inc.